Chou Gou



Chou Gou 趙剛

Renowned Internet Entrepreneur and Tech Visionary in China

Mr. Chou Gou, a renowned figure in the Chinese internet sector and a distinguished columnist and internet entrepreneur, has made significant contributions in the field. He served as the Chief Editor at China's prominent internet media, DoNews, and Mop Technology. His expertise in marketing is marked by his roles as Marketing Director at Kingsoft, Renren, and Xiaomi, where he played a pivotal role in their IPOs.

As an early employee of Xiaomi Group, Mr. Chou was instrumental in developing Xiaomi's internet marketing methodologies, notably the "Participation" approach. He was the project lead for one of China's most famous corporate documentaries, "A Blazing Fire".

Current Endeavors:

Founder and Chairman of Rangers Co., Ltd., a tech company based in Tokyo, Japan.

Co-Founder and Partner at Sparticle Inc., a prominent Japanese AI startup.

Initiator of the world's largest Chinese language corpus project, MNBVC.

Founder of the ChatGPT AI project, ChatCorgi.

Administrator of China's oldest online community, "Li Wu".

Education and Early Career:

Mr. Chou graduated from Wuhan University of Technology in 2002 and spent 20 years in Beijing's software and internet industry. A well-known blogger, he has written nearly a thousand tech blogs under the pseudonym "Linglingfa". He founded PP100, an e-commerce company, and co-founded, a digital software trading platform. He also co-founded DoNews's "5G Plain Talk" tech conversation column, interviewing hundreds of tech company founders and entrepreneurs as a columnist and host.

Xiaomi and Beyond:

In 2011, Mr. Chou joined the then-startup Xiaomi, leading the development and operation of its marketing and new media teams. His work at Xiaomi set new standards for corporate new media marketing in China over the past decade, leading the development of internet marketing in the country. He was integral to Xiaomi's marketing efforts during its IPO phase in 2018, culminating in its successful listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018.

As the Vice General Manager of Xiaomi's Home Appliances Division in 2019, Mr. Chou led the marketing and design planning of Xiaomi's home appliance product line, achieving the top national sales for Xiaomi TV and successfully launching air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines.

He also played a key role in shaping Xiaomi's early corporate values and culture, authoring the "Lei Jun Talks," "Alee Notes," and various company-wide and public letters from 2013 to 2015. His book, "Participation," based on these writings, sold over 700,000 copies and was translated into nine languages, including English, French, Japanese, and Korean. It became a global study guide for enthusiasts, with the English version distributed worldwide by McGraw-Hill, one of the world's leading publishers.

Additionally, Mr. Chou Gou was responsible for the production of the Xiaomi IPO documentary "A Blazing Fire," which garnered over 30 million online views.

Contact Information
Phone: (080)***-****
Email: [email protected]
X: @linglingfa

Professional Experience
Founder of Rangers Co., Ltd. and Co-founder of Sparticle Inc.
Experienced in companies such as Kingsoft, Renren, and Xiaomi Group.

Educational Background
Graduated from Wuhan University of Technology, 2002
Over 20 years in software and internet industry